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The Centre acknowledges that our research attracts strong interest from stakeholders who look after the health, education and digital lives of children; those who create and make technology for children; and from academic peers and institutions around Australia and the world.

Successful engagement with the community, government and industry is critical for the translation of the Centre’s work.

The Centre aims to become a trusted international authoritative source of information about children’s use of digital technology. Our program of research and outcomes intends to reach all Australians who look out for the health, education and happiness of young children, including parents and caregivers; teachers and educators; government and policy makers; and community and business organisations.

In 2022, the Centre will establish a Communication, Outreach and Research Engagement (CORE) Portfolio to deliver initiatives and activities that will develop strong engagement with our industry, the academic community, and the broader community. In our establishment year, our focus was to build awareness and establish targeted communication platforms for reaching our stakeholders, including:

Digital Child website

The Digital Child website was launched in April 2021 and visited by 2100 unique visitors in 2021. Our website’s highly visual design brings children to the fore, highlighting our research program, members, news, events and job and scholarship opportunities. As the Centre evolves, our website will grow to profile flagship projects, resources and a Digital Child Blog.

Social media platforms

In April 2021 we launched our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube accounts. Twitter is our most active and engaged platform, with a strong following of researchers and academics interested in our work. As the Centre evolves, we aim to use our Facebook and Instagram platforms to share activities and outputs (such as resources and events) for families, carers, educators and health professionals, for whom these platforms are primarily targeted.

Digital Child newsletter

The Digital Child newsletter is a major communication channel for the Centre. It is a powerful and direct channel to share news, events, project information and resources. The Digital Child newsletter is available to anyone with an interest in the Centre, with nearly 400 people opting-in to receive our newsletter in 2021. Our database can be segmented by stakeholders (for example, teachers/educators, parents/carers, policy makers, etc), with the view to target newsletters to specific audiences as the Centre evolves. The Centre launched its first newsletter in September 2021 and distributed three editions. The newsletters achieved a very high average open rate of 65%, with 43% of those clicking through links. Read the September, October and November editions.

The Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for the Digital Child acknowledges the First Australian owners of the lands on where we gather and pay our respects to the Elders, lores, customs and creation spirits of this country.