Research Committee

The Research Committee manages and reviews the progress of the Centre’s research.

The committee drives initiatives to ensure that the Centre’s research is transdisciplinary and cross-nodal, strongly aligned with the Centre’s research programs, responsive to the needs of partners and provides opportunities for co-design of new projects with partners.

Professor Sue Bennett

Message from the Research Committee Chair

“In the Centre’s establishment year, the Research Committee focussed its attention on developing initiatives and processes that would build a foundation to deliver our research plan and goals over the seven years. Among these initiatives was the establishment of a ‘fast track’ process for approving core research projects that would inform and guide the direction of future projects. This process set in motion 19 core and strategic projects, including Topaz, a Centre-wide activity supporting capacity building through structured reviews of digital technology and children. The committee also appointed an Indigenous Advisor and an Ethics and Integrity Advisor, and established important procedures and philosophies to support responsible ethical research and high quality publications. Building the foundations for something new is always rewarding – even more so with the knowledge that our work in 2021 will yield positive outcomes for children and families for years to come.”

Professor Sue Bennett

  • Research Committee
  • Healthy Child Co-Leaders
    Professor Sonia White (QUT)
    Professor Simon Smith (UQ)
    Professor Leon Straker (Curtin)
  • Educated Child Co-Leaders
    Professor Susan Danby (QUT)
    Professor Lisa Kervin (UOW)
    Professor Peta Wyeth (QUT)
  • Connected Child Co-Leaders
    Professor Sue Bennett (UOW)
    Professor Lelia Green (ECU)
    Professor Julian Sefton-Green (Deakin)
  • Longitudinal Family Cohort Study Co-Leaders
    Professor Karen Thorpe (UQ)
    Dr Juliana Zabatiero (Curtin)
  • Indigenous Advisor
    Dr Marnee Shay (UQ)
  • Ethics and Integrity Advisor
    Associate Professor Steven Howard (UOW)
  • A member of the Directorate

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