Key performance indicators


KPI-11. Number of research outputs
KPI-1aJournal articles01
KPI-1cBook Chapters00
KPI-1dConference publications00
KPI-1ePublications with two or more Centre researchers from other nodes00
KPI-22. Quality of research outputs
KPI-2aPercentage of book chapters in prestigious international presses00
KPI-2bPercentage of Q1 outputs00
KPI-33. Number of workshops/conferences held/offered by the Centre
KPI-3aMajor conferences hosted/offered by the Centre10
KPI-3bSeminar series - research65
KPI-3cWorkshops - research development52
KPI-44. Number of training courses held/offered by the Centre
KPI-4Training Workshops25
KPI-55. Number of additional researchers working on Centre research
KPI-5aPostdoctoral researchers012
KPI-5bHonours students00
KPI-5cPhD students616
KPI-5dMasters by research students20
KPI-5eMasters by coursework students40
KPI-5fAssociate Investigators020
KPI-66. Number of postgraduate completions00
KPI-77. Number of mentoring programs offered by the Centre10
KPI-88. Number of presentations/briefings
KPI-8aTo the public63
KPI-8bTo government (parliamentarians and department/agencies at both State and Federal level)54
KPI-8cTo industry/business/end users45
KPI-8dTo non-government organisations45
KPI-8eTo professional organisations and bodies45
KPI-8fPublic policy seminar/event00
KPI-99. Number of new organisations collaborating with, or involved in, the Centre
KPI-9aNew academic collaborative relationships00
KPI-9bNew industry collaborative relationships00
KPI-1010. Number of female research personnel
KPI-10Female percentage6082
Center Specific KPIs
KPI-11Evidence-based resources for end-users (e.g., families, educators, health professionals)00
KPI-12New end-user technologies00
KPI-13Mobility of Centre members within and across nodes and partner sites - days per annum5067
KPI-14Social media content creation - posts by Centre75239
KPI-15Centre Director Node Outreach Program11
KPI-16Research Fellows and HDR student representation that includes a range of cultural backgrounds06

The Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for the Digital Child acknowledges the First Australian owners of the lands on where we gather and pay our respects to the Elders, lores, customs and creation spirits of this country.