Making to stimulate, encourage and support STEAM learning


The project aims to examine how STEAM resources (traditional and digital) are used to respond to scenarios and problems, and the roles child/ren and families take across STEAM maker space activities. It will also explore how scenarios and tools/materials contribute to the interactions and engagements of participants, and opportunities for collaboration, problem solving, creating, and co-creating.

Project aims

  • establish a context where children and their families are learning partners as they co-create understandings by making with STEM resources
  • use co-creation as a method of broadening the voices that shape a learning process and generating ideas that are personally meaningful or relevant

Project design

  1. Create a STEAM Maker Space at the UOW Children’s Technology Play Space (in collaboration with UOW Science Space) to identify opportunities and collaboratively work with facilitator/s to design a program that starts from a problem or scenario
  2. Implement a program and capture the experiences of participants through interview and observation
  3. Review and evaluation of created artifacts to inform the development of subsequent programs
  4. We propose iterative cycles of 2 and 3 to enable development of principles to guide future STEAM Maker Spaces (with possible extension to other Centre sites

Activity plan for 2022

  • systematic literature review to determine what we already know about STEAM in Early Childhood
  • development and facilitation of STEAM makerspace experiences in the UOW Children’s Technology Play Space
  • collaboration with UOW Children’s Technology Play Space and other living laboratories in the Centre


October 2021 – December 2023


Professor Lisa Kervin

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