Topaz – Capacity building through structured reviews on digital technology and young children


Topaz will support high quality reviews of contemporary evidence concerning key issues in digital technology and young children. These reviews will inform Centre priorities, activities and research projects, including the Longitudinal Family Cohort Study. The foundation of Topaz is to provide capacity building for the Centre’s early career researchers and students. The Topaz training program will provide members with exposure to conducting different types of reviews and encompass workshops, seminars and resources.

Project aims

  • provide an informed basis for future research, plus translation into policy and practice across Healthy, Educated and Connected programs
  • provide high quality reviews of evidence concerning key issues in digital technology and young children
  • contribute to Centre capacity building by drawing on expertise of Centre investigators to train early career researchers (ECRs) in interdisciplinary structured reviews

Project design

Topaz will involve regular Working Party meetings to provide guidance and support for Centre members interested in conducting reviews. It will also involve a series of workshops/seminars to develop skills in how to conduct reviews and develop enhanced understanding around the constructs and issues in transdisciplinary reviews. It will provide a repository for useful resources, including Centre member expertise. It will produce a series of papers to support high quality reviews.

Activity plan for 2022

  • conduct series of workshops/seminars on practical and conceptual issues in conducting transdisciplinary reviews
  • publish series of papers on conducting transdisciplinary reviews
  • support the publication of high quality reviews


June 2021 – December 2027


Professor Leon Straker

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