DCAM Program

Digital Child Annual Meeting 2023: Program


The program for DCAM 2023 can be found below. Sessions indicated by an asterisk (*) will be available on ZOOM.  

Pre-DCAM (July 31)| Day One (August 1) | Day Two (August 2) | Day Three (August 3) | Post-DCAM (August 4)


Pre-DCAM – Monday, July 31

Travel day for inter-state attendees. 

A public event will be held at the State Library of Western Australia on “Young Children Thriving in a Digital World: Navigating a sea of conflicting opinions”. More information and a link for registration is available here. 


WiFi details

  • Network name: Rendezvous Conference Access (select ‘Visitors’)
  • Password: conference@2023

Day One – Tuesday, August 1

From 0600Breakfast availableStraits Café
Session OneChair: Professor Sue Bennett
0830 - 0900 AWST

1030 - 1100 AEST
Welcome to Country*Preston Room
0900 - 0930 AWST

1100 - 1130 AEST
Director’s Welcome and Report with announcement of first four Centre Awards* - Professor Susan Danby

In this session you will be asked to respond to a question. Click here to submit your response!
Preston Room
0930 - 0950 AWST

1130 - 1150 AEST
Program reports: Connected, Educated, Healthy* - Program Co-Leads

5 mins per program.
Preston Room
0950 - 1020 AWST

1150 - 1220 AEST
3MTs from Digital Child PhD students* - Kim Maslin, Chimi Om, Marina Torjinski, Pip Amery.

Three-minute recorded talks followed by a short Q&A panel.
Preston Room
1020 - 1050 AWST
Morning teaPre-function Room
Session TwoChair: Professor Daniel Johnson
1050 – 1150 AWST

1250 - 1350 AEST
Indigenous Portfolio report + Researching with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples* - Professor Grace Sarra and Professor Marnee ShayPreston Room
1150 - 1220 AWST

1350 - 1420 AEST
ACODA presentation with Wallis

Do you have a question on ACODA? Ask your question here!
Preston Room
1220 - 1230 AWST

1420 - 1430 AEST
ABC partnership and future collaboration - Professor Julian Sefton-GreenPreston Room
1230 – 1345 AWSTLunchMentelle Room
Session ThreeChair: Professor Simon Smith
1345 - 1500 AWST

Mapping in Programs - Professor Leon Straker and Program leadsEducated - Preston Room, Section B

Connected - Preston Room, Section C

Healthy - Culver Room

1500 - 1530 AWST

ECR and HDR Connect facilitated by Dr Sarah Matthews. An opportunity to meet in-person and engage in a collaborative writing exercise.Burney Room
1530 - 1630 AWST

Afternoon tea and unprogrammed meeting times
(could include research team meetings)
Pre-function Room
Optional activityScitech visit
1630 AWST Bus departs.

1945 AWST Bus returns to the hotel.
Bus transfer to and from Scitech.

Scitech photo competition
Submit one photo that shows best engagement with the Astronaut Exhibition. Email your photo to: BSO.DigitalChild@curtin.edu.au

Submissions close 7pm Tuesday, August 1.
Dinner: Make your own arrangements.
Northbridge and/or Leederville are options by train.

Day Two – Wednesday, August 2

From 0600Breakfast availableStraits Café
Session OneChair: Professor Karen Murcia
0900 - 0905 AWST

1100 - 1105 AEST
Chair's highlights from yesterday*Preston Room
0905 - 0915 AWST

1105 - 1115 AEST
Scitech photo competition winner*Preston Room
0915 - 0930 AWST

1115 - 1130 AEST
Centre Awards* - Professor Susan DanbyPreston Room
0930 - 1030 AWST

1130 - 1230 AEST
Industry Partner Provocation and Discussion* - Professor Lisa WhiteheadPreston Room
1030 - 1100 AWST

1230 - 1300 AEST
3MTs from PhD students* - Sumudu Mallawaarachchi, Katrin Langton, Tammy White

Three-minute recorded talks followed by a short Q&A panel.

Voting for 3MTs now open!
Preston Room
1100 - 1130 AWSTMorning teaPre-function Room
Session TwoChair: Professor Tama Leaver
1130 - 1230 AWST

1330 - 1430 AEST
Ecologies of Childhood Fame in South East Asia* - Professor Crystal AbidinPreston Room
1230 - 1300 AWST

1430 - 1500 AEST
“Is there a child’s internet?” session* with Professor Michael Dezuanni and Dr Aleesha RoderiguezPreston Room
1300 - 1415 AWSTLunchMentelle Room
Session ThreeChair: Dr Luci Pangrazio
1415 - 1500 AWST

1615 - 1700 AEST
Updates on ECR-led Digital Child-funded projects*

Rebecca Ng - Creating a toolkit for evaluating privacy policies from a child’s rights perspective

Amanda Levido - Developing an ECR led grant to investigate children’s and families perspectives of learning with and about digital technologies at home

Andy Zhao - Children, Media and Parenting in the COVID-19 Pandemic.

15mins for each presentation, inclusive of questions.
Preston Room
1500 - 1600 AWST

1700 - 1800 AEST
Mapping together*Preston Room
1600 AWST onwardsAfternoon tea.

Pre-function Room
Optional meetings: research project and portfolio meetings (self organised), and/or wellbeing session.
Wellbeing session

1600-1630 AWST
Realistic tips to reduce your stress in Academia
Claudia Pavisic

In this half-an-hour workshop, we look at the effects that stress has on academic performance, identify ways that serotonin and dopamine levels can be increased naturally to counter the body’s stress response, and practice some of our realistic tips to reduce your stress and burnout. Not only can stress impact your state of mind, energy levels and productivity at work, but it can also exacerbate a broad range of health conditions. Excessive stress, whether acute or chronic, harms memory, performance, motivation, and the ability to recall information. These accessible strategies can be implemented in various settings, and are relevant, approachable, and easy to include in your daily routine. 

About Claudia: Claudia Pavisic is a full-time Edith Cowan University student dedicated to academic excellence and personal development. She is currently in her third year of a Bachelor of Health Science, majoring in Health Promotion and Addiction Studies. Claudia currently works in the healthcare industry which is a main driver in her passionate resolve to educate and inform people about mental health. Positive mental health in educational settings and the workplace is essential. Claudia aims to raise awareness of the association between an individual’s mental health, work, and academic achievement. Her ultimate goal is to champion the prioritisation of one’s personal well-being, while still meeting the demands of everyday work. During her time at university, Claudia has developed a deeper passion to help and educate others so that they may have the best possible overall health, along with the desire to make a positive impact on individuals and communities by promoting healthy lifestyle choices.
Preston Room
1710 - 1830 AWSTOptional Sunset Drinks. Note: At own cost. Sunset at 1740Scarborough Beach Bar
1830 - 2030 AWSTDCAM Dinner (Buffet)Mentelle Room



Day Three – Thursday, August 3

From 0600BreakfastStraits Café
Session OneChair: Associate Professor Sonia White
0855 – 0900 AWST

1055 - 1100 AEST
Chair's highlights from yesterday*Preston Room
0900 - 0920 AWST

1100 - 1120 AEST
Updates from Portfolios: RIST, and SMART updates*

10 minutes per portfolio, inclusive of questions.
Preston Room
0920 - 0945 AWST

1120 - 1145 AEST
RTP update and Translation awards* Preston Room
0940 - 0955 AWSTDirector Update*Preston Room
0955 - 1030 AWST

1155 - 1230 AEST
Advisory panel* - Facilitator: Professor Tama LeaverPreston Room
1030 - 1100 AWSTMorning teaPre-function room
Session TwoChair: Professor Louise Paatsch
1100 - 1145 AWST

1300 - 1345 AEST
Mapping -Where to from here? - Professor Leon StrakerPreston Room
1145 - 1230 AWST

1345 - 1430 AEST
RIST Transdisciplinarity Seminar* - Professor Julian Sefton-Green and Dr Kate MannellPreston Room
1230 - 1240 AWST

1430 - 1440 AEST
Director and Deputy Director's Summary* - Professor Susan Danby and Professor Sue BennettPreston Room
1240 - 1345 AWST LunchMentelle Room
Session ThreeOptional activities
1345 - 1445 AWST
Free time or optional activity:
PD - Visualising research concepts with visual scribe and Dr Tara Roberson;
Research committee (Professor Leon Straker);
or RIST Working papers: Meeting of editorial teams (RIST)
Visualising research
A session with the visual scribe who will create illustrations of concepts discussed during DCAM sessions (any session marked with an asterisk on the program). The session will provide an overview of how they visually depict complex concepts and tips on how to brief graphic recorders/illustrators.
Preston Room

Post-DCAM – Friday, August 4

Breakfast will be available until 10.00am for inter-state attendees staying at the hotel on Thursday night. 

Additional meetings (invite-only) will be held on Friday. Details will be provided by direct email.

The Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for the Digital Child acknowledges the First Australian owners of the lands on where we gather and pay our respects to the Elders, lores, customs and creation spirits of this country.

The Centre recognises that the examples we set in diversity and inclusion will support young children to respect and celebrate differences in all people. We embed diversity, inclusivity and equality into all aspects of the Centre’s activities and welcome all people regardless of race, ethnicity, social background, religion, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation and national origin.