Digital Child children’s launch video

Thank you for your interest in submitting a video for the Digital Child Centre launch. Please find additional details below, so you and your child can best make a decision about your child’s participation.

As part of the Digital Child launch, we want to highlight the important voices of children and ensure the attendees of the launch event understand how children are at the core of the Centre and drive the activities we do everyday.

Where will the video be played?
The video will be featured during the Digital Child launch. We will also include the final video on our Digital Child website and social media platforms.

How can I be involved? Children up to 8 years of age can share their views!
Ask your child to finish the prompt, “Something I like to do with technology is…” and film their response. They can change the wording, or you can ask them the question – whatever you think will work best for your child! If your child doesn’t understand the word technology, you might ask about a specific type of technology e.g. iPad, video game, communication app etc.

You might ask children to do the activity individually or, if you have more than one child they are welcome to respond together in a single video. We ask that, where possible, the child indicates their response – this can be verbal or non-verbal (they might like to hold up or show us something).

We can accept videos up until and including the 14th September 2022.
A couple of tips:

  • You can record on your phone or device – please record in landscape
  • Try to keep background noise to a minimum
  • Think about what we can see on the screen – try to keep the children in the frame and aim to use natural light if possible
  • Children’s clothes – children can wear whatever they like in the video! It can be distracting to have words, slogans or heavily branded clothes though – so do a quick test video to see if you think this might happen.

Image release
It is really important that we have your permission to use both the video you have made (as it’s your film!) and your child’s image. Before you send us a video, please ensure you have granted permission for us to use your child’s image and the video via this consent form.

Please fill in your contact details in the first instance. The form will next ask you to select what you are consenting to. As you are providing us with permission to use your filmed content, and your child is in the content, please select the third option “I am consenting to QUT using images of me (or my child) AND my content).”

You do not need to add a reference image as you are submitting a single file for the video.

You can then select from the other options on the form before you submit it.

Submitting your video
Use the form below to submit your video.

While we will try use as many videos as we can, unfortunately we can’t guarantee your video will be included as we only have 2 minutes of time. We will still send you a link to the finished video and let you know either way.

Thank you! We look forward to seeing what your child thinks about technology and sharing it with the Digital Child community. If you have any questions, please email Dr Amanda Levido.

The Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for the Digital Child acknowledges the First Australian owners of the lands on where we gather and pay our respects to the Elders, lores, customs and creation spirits of this country.

The Centre recognises that the examples we set in diversity and inclusion will support young children to respect and celebrate differences in all people. We embed diversity, inclusivity and equality into all aspects of the Centre’s activities and welcome all people regardless of race, ethnicity, social background, religion, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation and national origin.