Philippa Amery

Philippa’s PhD closely examines the organisation of mother-infant interactions around mobile device usage within the home context. Her study also explores mothers’ accounts of how mothers ‘do’ mothering while using mobile devices. A central aim of Philippa’s study is to contribute new knowledge to understandings of digital device use behaviours that facilitate mother-infant interaction. In addition, the study seeks to understand what constitutes digital technology use by mothers in home contexts to challenge commonly held assumptions of “good” mothering. She also hopes to illuminate more contextualised understandings of the implications mothers’ mobile device use has for mother-infant relationships, and infant language, learning and development.

Philippa hopes her work in the Centre will contribute to more readily available information and guidelines for parents to make informed, evidence-based choices around managing and mediating parental mobile device use for optimal child outcomes.

Earliest digital memory
Primary school in the early 90s – we had a Mac in our classroom, and we got to test out a HyperCard “choose your own adventure”-style game the high-schoolers had made. I was so inspired; my sister and I made our own one on our computer at home!

Professor Susan Danby

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