Professor Daniel Johnson

Professor Daniel Johnson’s research focusses on the impact of video games on wellbeing, gamification, motivations for videogame play and the player experience. With expertise in quantitative statistical analysis, survey methods, biometrics and experimental design, Daniel’s role as Chief Investigator in the Healthy and Connected Child programs focusses on children’s passion for videogames, self-regulation, impacts on wellbeing and games to improve wellbeing. Daniel hopes to arm children and families with the power and know-how to maximise their connection with others and learn in a range of digital and digitally augmented environments.

Daniel currently co-leads QUT’s Games Research and Interaction Design Lab, exploring people’s perceptions, their behaviours and their experiences as they interact with videogames and playful technology. Daniel was an Associate Fellow at the University of Cambridge’s Well-Being Institute, where he worked on mindfulness training and techniques for children. He recently co-authored a paper on how and to what degree videogaming improves people’s wellbeing after negative experiences.

Earliest digital memory
Playing Dodge ‘Em on an Atari 2600 with my brother. A game that had a total of one colour in its pallet, one joystick, one button and yet filled our afternoons with fun and laughter.

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