Professor Sonia Livingstone

Professor Sonia Livingstone is an internationally-recognised researcher of children’s media use. Sonia’s research examines how the changing conditions of mediation are reshaping everyday practices and possibilities for action. Her current research focus is children’s rights in the digital age and how citizen values can be embedded in the communication infrastructures of institutions, regulations and the lifeworld. Sonia will contribute expertise to the Connected Child program, examining the opportunities and risks afforded by digital and online technologies in a range of contexts.

Sonia’s work has enabled the development of compelling new understandings about children’s engagement with the Internet. She is currently leading a project on how digital environments influence brain development and function, mental health and mental health problems, risk behaviours, bullying, loneliness and social isolations and also how digital technologies can be harnessed to promote positive behaviours and mental well-being. Sonia has published 20 books on media audiences, especially children and young people’s risks and opportunities, media literacy and rights in the digital environment, including co-authoring The Class: Living and Learning in the Digital Age (2016) and Parenting for a Digital Future: How hopes and fears about technology shape children’s lives (2020).

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