TAG: child-computer interaction

Dr Sarah Matthews

Dr Sarah Matthews’ project explores the intersections between play, computational thinking, and design in open ended technologies with young children. Sarah’s role is to translate multi-disciplinary theories and insights into technology design opportunities. Through her work in the Centr [...]


Dr Bernd Ploderer

Dr Bernd Ploderer is an expert in the field of Human-Computer Interaction for health and wellbeing. He leads the Digital Wellbeing Lab at QUT, which investigates how young adults, families and children balance technologies in their lives, and how we can design new technologies that help them to reac [...]


Professor Peta Wyeth

Professor Peta Wyeth is at the forefront of research into emerging technology for games and other interactive experiences. She has wide-ranging experience in the application of human-computer interaction and interaction design techniques for the development of technology for education and entertainm [...]