TAG: child development

Sumudu Mallawaarachchi

Sumudu Mallawaarachchi’s PhD thesis seeks to provide better insights into the context of naturalistic smartphone and tablet use in young children in their everyday lives. Using a mixed-methods approach, Sumudu will investigate the multiple influences of child characteristics, parent perception [...]


Anna Loeffler

Anna Loeffler’s research focusses on early childhood sleep and associated social-emotional outcomes. Her PhD project aims to develop an integrated, theoretical model of sleep consolidation transitioning as well as an index of sleep consolidation in hope of providing a better understanding of n [...]


Professor Laura Schulz

Professor Laura Schulz is an internationally renowned expert in child development, cognition and young children’s inquiry. Laura’s research focus is on the infrastructure of human condition, and how representations and learning mechanisms are constructed during early childhood. Laura will be inv [...]