TAG: communication

Dr Catherine Archer

Dr Catherine Archer’s early research examined the way parents as social media influencers were monetising their work, and digitising their children, childhood and family life in new ways. As an Associate Investigator, Catherine will work with other researchers in fields related to social media [...]


Associate Professor Maryanne Theobald

Associate Professor Maryanne Theobald is an interaction analyst who applies the interactional approaches of ethnomethodology and conversation analysis to study children’s experiences such as disputes and friendships in the home, school, playground; interactions with digital technologies and in mul [...]


Professor Louise Paatsch

Professor Louise Paatsch’s research focuses on children’s and young people’s communication, language, pretend play, and literacy development, with a strong focus on metapragmatic and pragmatic language use and the link to social communication. She also investigates teachers’ talk [...]