TAG: datafication

Katrin Langton

Katrin’s PhD project explores infant feeding applications (apps) as mobile technologies that mediate the construction, experience, and practise of contemporary parenthood in Australia. The study seeks to shed light on the ways in which contemporary parenthood and parenting are constructed and [...]


Associate Professor Giovanna Mascheroni

Associate Professor Giovanna Mascheroni is a prominent international expert in the field of the sociology of media, with specialisation in children and digital media, online opportunities and risks, datafication of children’s and families’ everyday lives. Giovanna’s work focusses on the social [...]


Dr Luci Pangrazio

Dr Luci Pangrazio is an expert in datafication, young people’s digital and data literacies, and digital cultures. Her role as Chief Investigator in the Connected Child program focusses on the datafication of young children’s technology use – what data are being collected, how it’s being used [...]