TAG: Digital Ethnography

Dr Luke Heemsbergen

Dr Luke Heemsbergen is an Associate Investigator whose project explores how augmented reality (AR) media socialise, and are socialised by, young children, including when these media are shared between parents and children. Luke hopes to make the bio-spatial surveillance required in AR visible to its [...]


Dr Rebecca Ng

Dr Rebecca Ng completed a PhD in inclusive education working with autistic children to understand how they socialise within differentiated spaces. This research involved creative ways to engage children in research through participatory design. She is also part of a cross-university research project [...]


Irina Silva

Acknowledging children on the spectrum and their connection with technologies, Irina Silva’s research aims to investigate the influence of digital technologies on children on the spectrum and their everyday life. Irina’s project is a digital ethnographic study that aims to understand the [...]