TAG: digital inclusion

Dr Jane Mavoa

Dr Jane Mavoa recently completed her PhD on children’s digital play, with a focus on the game Minecraft. Jane’s project looked at the way that adults frame digital play within discourses of ‘screen time’ and education. It also provided detailed descriptions of what 6-8-year-o [...]


Katrin Langton

Katrin’s PhD project explores infant feeding applications (apps) as mobile technologies that mediate the construction, experience, and practise of contemporary parenthood in Australia. The study seeks to shed light on the ways in which contemporary parenthood and parenting are constructed and [...]


Professor Michael Dezuanni

Professor Michael Dezuanni is a digital media and learning researcher with national standing in the field of media literacy education and as a scholar of children’s participation on digital platforms. As Chief Investigator in the Connected and Educated Child programs, Michael’s work focuses on t [...]