Tag: digital play

Kate Lewis

Kate Lewis is a PhD scholarship holder at the University of Wollongong whose work is linked to the ARC Discovery Project Quality in adult-child interactions during digital experiences. Her PhD work aims to understand how young children use digital technologies within the sociocultural context of the [...]


Clara Rivera

As Business Support Officer, Clara Rivera is the ‘first point of contact’ for the University of Wollongong (UOW) node. Clara brings to the Centre more than 5 years’ experience as Project Officer to an ARC Discovery project and other related research on children’s digital play. Her PhD projec [...]


Associate Professor Irina Verenikina

Associate Professor Irina Verenikina’s expertise is in the field of sociocultural psychology and digital technologies, including digital play, social interaction and developmentally sound designs for digital applications for young children. Irina is a leader in an international community of resear [...]


Dr Kate Highfield

Dr Kate Highfield is an experienced leader, teacher and researcher in the early childhood education and care sector, with an interest in how technology impacts learning, pedagogy and play. Kate will contribute expertise to the Educated and Healthy Child programs, drawing on her research focus on tou [...]


Professor Jackie Marsh

Professor Jackie Marsh is internationally recognised in the field of young children’s digital literacy practices in homes, communities and schools, with a focus on children aged from birth to eight. Jackie has conducted research projects that have explored children’s access to new technologi [...]


Professor Susan Edwards

Professor Susan Edwards is an expert in digital play and cyber-safety education in the early years. Her work in the Centre will focus on the role and use of digital play in early childhood education settings, with the aim to generate new insights and pedagogical examples to support educators in prov [...]


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The Centre recognises that the examples we set in diversity and inclusion will support young children to respect and celebrate differences in all people. We embed diversity, inclusivity and equality into all aspects of the Centre’s activities and welcome all people regardless of race, ethnicity, social background, religion, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation and national origin.