Tag: early childhood education

Dr Sandy Houen

Dr Sandy Houen’s research focusses on early childhood education quality and its impact on children’s lifelong trajectories. Sandy’s expertise is in qualitative research approaches, such as conversation analysis, with a key focus on data collection methods that include interviews with child [...]


Katie Fielding

Katie Fielding’s PhD project examines how the attitudes and beliefs of caregivers and educators impact the way children use digital technologies for creativity. Katie hopes her research will give us a better sense of the ways that digital technologies can be part of a toolkit of resources to help [...]


Professor Jackie Marsh

Professor Jackie Marsh is internationally recognised in the field of young children’s digital literacy practices in homes, communities and schools, with a focus on children aged from birth to eight. Jackie has conducted research projects that have explored children’s access to new technologi [...]


Associate Professor Sonia White

Associate Professor Sonia White is an expert in cognitive neuroscience (EEG) and eye tracking research methods. Sonia’s research is distinctly transdisciplinary and translational – she conducts both experimental and classroom-based research with multidisciplinary teams that helps education and h [...]


Professor Karen Thorpe

Professor Karen Thorpe is a developmental scientist who works closely with government and non-government agencies to improve the lives of children and families. She has an international track-record in studies of the impact of early life experience on children’s ongoing life course, applying her e [...]


Professor Lisa Kervin

Professor Lisa Kervin is a researcher in language and literacy, specifically focussing on how children use technology to develop and practice digital literacies. She is also interested in how her research findings can be used by educators to build knowledge about how technology may be used to enhanc [...]


The Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for the Digital Child acknowledges the First Australian owners of the lands on where we gather and pay our respects to the Elders, lores, customs and creation spirits of this country.

The Centre recognises that the examples we set in diversity and inclusion will support young children to respect and celebrate differences in all people. We embed diversity, inclusivity and equality into all aspects of the Centre’s activities and welcome all people regardless of race, ethnicity, social background, religion, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation and national origin.