TAG: inclusive education

Professor Grace Sarra

Professor Grace Sarra is an academic and researcher at Queensland University of Technology. She is of Aboriginal heritage (Bindal and Birriah clans of the Birrigubba nation) and Torres Strait Islander heritage (Mauar, Stephen and Murray Islands). She has more than 30 years of experience in teaching [...]


Dr Rebecca Ng

Dr Rebecca Ng completed a PhD in inclusive education working with autistic children to understand how they socialise within differentiated spaces. This research involved creative ways to engage children in research through participatory design. She is also part of a cross-university research project [...]


Professor Louise Paatsch

Professor Louise Paatsch’s research focuses on children’s and young people’s communication, language, pretend play, and literacy development, with a strong focus on metapragmatic and pragmatic language use and the link to social communication. She also investigates teachers’ talk [...]