TAG: Indigenous education

Dr Da Eul Jeong

As a Research Fellow, Dr Da Eul Jeong will assist Indigenous scholars to design and improve education to be more culturally inclusive and equitable, particularly for Indigenous children. Da Eul would like to contribute to making schools a place where children from all backgrounds feel safe, can [...]


Naomi Fillmore

Naomi Fillmore’s PhD research looks at the role of language in early education policy and practice, using a mixed methods approach to examine complex questions in linguistically, culturally, and racially diverse early childhood and primary school settings. This research includes exploring how tech [...]


Associate Professor Marnee Shay

Associate Professor Marnee Shay is an ARC DAATSIA Principal Research Fellow in the School of Education at the University of Queensland. Marnee’s maternal connections are to Wagiman country (Northern Territory) and she also has strong connections to Aboriginal communities in South East Queensland w [...]