TAG: interaction design

Dr Sarah Matthews

Dr Sarah Matthews’ project explores the intersections between play, computational thinking, and design in open ended technologies with young children. Sarah’s role is to translate multi-disciplinary theories and insights into technology design opportunities. Through her work in the Centr [...]


Professor Yvonne Rogers

Professor Yvonne Rogers is internationally renowned for her work in human-computer interaction (HCI), interaction design and ubiquitous computing. Yvonne’s research focusses on the design and development of novel technology for children and how they can support learning, wellbeing and social conne [...]


Professor Margot Brereton

Professor Margot Brereton is an expert and international leader in the codesign of new technologies with diverse groups, including children with Autism and intellectual disability, older adults and with Indigenous communities. With extensive experience in codesign, Margot contributes to projects in [...]