TAG: online safety

Professor Kerryann Walsh

Professor Kerryann Walsh conducts research in the interdisciplinary field of child maltreatment prevention, including online safety. Kerryann is an investigator on the eSafety Online Safety Grants project, Adapting Common Sense Media’s Digital Citizenship resources for impactful eSafety education [...]


Elizabeth Pink

Elizabeth Pink is a Research Assistant on the Digital Citizenship Curriculum Project, led by Professor Michael Dezuanni and funded by the Office of the eSafety Commissioner. Liz hopes to contribute to research that makes a positive difference in the lives and education of children, and contribu [...]


Sinead Wilson

Sinead is currently investigating the digital technologies young children are engaging with, and how parents and educators can best manage children’s active learning with these technologies while staying safe online. She also seeks to understand if a correlation exists between technology use in ea [...]