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Dr Jane Mavoa

Dr Jane Mavoa recently completed her PhD on children’s digital play, with a focus on the game Minecraft. Jane’s project looked at the way that adults frame digital play within discourses of ‘screen time’ and education. It also provided detailed descriptions of what 6-8-year-o [...]


Natalie Day

Natalie Day is working on a systematic literature review that seeks to explore the use of assistive technologies that support children in early learning contexts. She hopes to contribute to research and discussions that inspire the use of digitial technology in children’s education and play, e [...]


Professor Rebekah Willett

Associate Professor Rebekah Willett’s research explores children’s media cultures, focussing on issues of gender, play, literacy and learning. Aligning with the sociology of childhood, Rebekah analyses how media are experienced differently in different childhoods. She connects her work with educ [...]