TAG: psychology

Dr Janelle MacKenzie

Dr Janelle MacKenzie completed her PhD at QUT investigating maternal sleepiness and the impacts of sleepiness on driving. In particular, she focused on the assessment of maternal sleep and infant sleep, as well as the psychological and social factors that contribute to sleepiness in the postpartum p [...]


Professor Simon Smith

Professor Simon Smith is a psychologist and recognised expert in sleep and the developing brain. Simon’s primary interest is to understand the role of sleep and circadian rhythms in a healthy, safe, and productive life, with a current focus on the early years of life. As Co-Leader of the Healthy C [...]


Professor Daniel Johnson

Professor Daniel Johnson’s research focusses on the impact of video games on wellbeing, gamification, motivations for videogame play and the player experience. With expertise in quantitative statistical analysis, survey methods, biometrics and experimental design, Daniel’s role as Chief Investig [...]