TAG: reflective practice

Dr Geoff Lowe

Dr Geoff Lowe is a former Senior Lecturer in music education with over 20 years’ experience in teaching and learning, and research. Geoff is the National President of the Australian and New Zealand Society for Music Education, and as such, has a special interest in young children and digital t [...]


Fiona Boylan

Fiona Boylan recently completed her PhD titled Mindsets matter: Early childhood teacher perceptions of mindset, with a design based research project which developed principles to support early childhood educators to nurture a growth mindset in students. Fiona will contribute to the Educated Child pr [...]


Associate Professor Jessica Mantei

Associate Professor Jessica Mantei has expertise in understanding early literacy teaching and learning across a range of educational settings, during transitions between and within those settings, and with a range of resources. Jessica’s research examines the development of proficiency in reading, [...]