TAG: sedentary behaviour

Dr George Thomas

Dr George Thomas will undertake high quality research to understand digital technology use in children, including developing better measurement of technology use and postures/movement of children through wearable cameras and sensors. Through his work with the Centre, George hopes to better understan [...]


Associate Professor Dylan Cliff

Dr Dylan Cliff’s research focuses on supporting children’s development and health through investigating movement behaviours such as physical activity, sedentary behaviour and use of electronic media. As Chief Investigator in the Healthy Child program and contributor to the Longitudinal Family St [...]


Dr Juliana Zabatiero

Dr Juliana Zabatiero’s research focuses on digital technology use and its influence on physical activity and sedentary behaviours. She is a Co-lead in the Centre’s Australian Children of the Digital Age (ACODA) Longitudinal Study and involved in the Healthy Child program, focussing on how young [...]