TAG: social justice

Dr David Coall

Dr David Coall’s research focuses on the role of grandparents within families and the impact this has on the health and well-being of family members, including themselves. Over the past eight years, David has been involved in the largest study with grandparents who are raising their grandchild [...]


Dr Da Eul Jeong

As a Research Fellow, Dr Da Eul Jeong will assist Indigenous scholars to design and improve education to be more culturally inclusive and equitable, particularly for Indigenous children. Da Eul would like to contribute to making schools a place where children from all backgrounds feel safe, can [...]


Dr Helen Adam

Helen holds a PhD from Edith Cowan University in which she investigated the use of culturally diverse literature to support principles of diversity in early years education. The outcomes and impact of her work have been published in internationally renowned journals garnering extensive international [...]