TAG: STEM education

Michelle de Kok

Michelle de Kok’s Master of Philosophy project examines the impact of digitisation on children’s creativity and STEM engagement. Michelle’s project is part of a scholarship funded by Scitech, a Centre industry partner. Michelle aims to discover the extent of the impact and ways in whic [...]


Associate Professor Christina Chalmers

Dr Chris Chalmers’ research focusses on group metacognition, computational thinking, digital pedagogies, and robotics-based STEM education. Her work in the Centre will contribute to the Educated Child program, focusing on active learning and play in digital worlds. Chris will also coordinate colla [...]


Professor Karen Murcia

Professor Karen Murcia is a STEM education researcher with expertise in the early years of children’s development. Her research focuses on how digitally aware children engage with science and mathematics, and the impact of technology integration on motivation and approaches to learning. As Chief I [...]