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Marina Torjinski

Marina’s PhD project applies a mixed methods approach to investigate the ways in which screen use and nature exposure interact with family dynamics to influence parent/child health outcomes and relational wellbeing. It is envisioned that Marina’s research will assist in the development of innova [...]


Sumudu Mallawaarachchi

Sumudu Mallawaarachchi’s PhD thesis seeks to provide better insights into the context of naturalistic smartphone and tablet use in young children in their everyday lives. Using a mixed-methods approach, Sumudu will investigate the multiple influences of child characteristics, parent perception [...]


Gavin Duffy

Gavin Duffy’s doctoral thesis examines the lifecycle of educational apps, working with people throughout the chain, including developers, students, school staff, and parents. Gavin’s aim is to outline the different ways educational apps are seen by different actors, showing the mean [...]